Kirkstone Fireplaces established 1999 Established in 1999 hand crafted in the UK with Nationwide personal delivery


The dimensions given are as standard sizes. They are intended as a guide to select the right fire surround for you. All our fire surrounds consist of handmade sections which will require re-assembly on site. Please note that naturally occurring materials can have slight variations colour and texture (as with quarried stone). As no two fire surrounds are identical, slight variations may occur, however a fire surround is always checked for consistency of appearance prior to despatch. All dimensions are approximate, we reserve the right to change specifications without notification, the colours reproduced are as accurate as reproduction imagery will permit.


Fitting of the fireplace

The component parts can be very heavy and will require assistance in handling them safely. It is strongly recommended that professional help and the use of professional fireplace installers are used to instal them and it is also imperative that they are fitted securely and safely using appropriate mechanical fixings.


Stone sealer

Kirkstone fireplaces has developed a stone sealer that will safeguard the appearance of your fireplace however it is advisable that you avoid spillages of all types and always immediately remove them. It is not recommended to use any other sealant than Kirkstone fireplaces sealant as they may permanently alter the appearance of the stone work finish. Never use wax polishes, bathroom / kitchen cleaners which may contain added dyes, it is advisable not to place objects on the stone work that does not have suitable base i.e. self-pads etc avoid wax residue from candles.


Solid fuel
Because the extreme temperatures when burning solid fuels, logs / all coals types, they can in certain situations then scorch or discolour and damage the stone work, sooting of the stone work.

All images and designs are property of Kirkstone Fireplaces and cannot be copied or replicated without permission.